ingenzi changemakers cohort 3

Here are the Ingenzi Changemakers graduated in Cohort 3 with the necessary confidence and five business communication tools: Business Plan, Business Model Canvas, Elevator Pitch, PowerPoint presentation, and Theory of change.

Founder and CEO at Hope Mushroom Farm

An agribusiness business enterprise producing and selling mushroom. This enterprise also aims at providing training farmers, and seeds to the rural women.

CEO at Maru Solutions LTD

An educational social enterprise which deals with designing, printing, and publishing education and training materials

Founder and CEO at Better Earth

A social enterprise that manufactures Bio-degradable packaging which are environmentally friendly.

Founder, Go Shine Nursery School

A social enterprise that providing better quality education for talented kids and build their long term career and goals.


A  digital marketing and business solutions enterprise. It is provides different services including but not limited to online newsletters, marketing, web development and hosting, graphic design, video production, and software development.

Founder and CEO at Vertical Hydroponic Company

An enterprise that promotes wellbeing and self-reliance of women by training them different hands-on skills including hospitality skills that they can use in their communities to be self-employed or get employment easily.

Founder and CEO at FloFresh Ltd

This social enterprise exists solve the hygienic problem in the community by providing hand-washing with liquid soap and detergents is a low-cost and highly effective way to protect children from the most common causes of child death.

Founder and CEO Imfura Arts

Imfura arts group is a creative social enterprise promoting peace through artwork, events, training and talent exhibitions.

Founder at Imena Innovation Hub

Imena Innovation Hub is a community-based enterprise aiming to bridge the gap of ICT and provide agriculture solutions in the rural community

Founder and Managing Director at Phoenix T&T Tours Agency

Phoenix T&T is a tours Agency enterprise based in Kigali which provides services of air ticketing, planning and organizing tour packages, event coordination and management and hospitality consultancy.

Founder at Isimbi Company

Isimbi Company is purposely driven by  women empowerment by training them baking skills, market-oriented skills that they can use to generate income in their communities.

The founder and CEO at KEYA

A health care social enterprise providing home-based health services of pre-consultation, medical check-ups, palliative care and accompanying patients to health facilities

Founder at Emma's Automated Carwash

Emma’s Automated Car Wash aims to provide fully automated carwash, with automatic completion of the vehicle cleaning, waxing, polishing, water spray and air-dried to achieve a real sense of care by the full integration of the smart car cleaning equipment

Founder and CEO at Green Yard Ltd

This enterprise deals with soil conservation by using organic fetilizer and DI grow. They also have seed nusery, and provide farmers training, post harvest services and agriculture research.


A social enterprise empowering teen mother with income-generating skills of sewing and poultry farming skills, and selling sofa and T-shirt.

Founder & CEO at TechBox

Techbox is social Enterprise with a mission of helping underserved population by transforming mindsets and business.

With a mission of providing Smartphones and internet on installment basis.

Founder at Ubuzimabwiza Enterprise Ltd

Ubuzimabwiza Enterprise is thrilled to use agribusiness as tool eradicate malnutrition and poverty in the community

Founder at One Chick-Your Seed

A community based enterprise reducing unwanted pregnancies and empowering teen mothers by providing them chickens, income-generating skills and seed capital. 

Founder and CEO at SHABA Ltd

Shaba Ltd is an agribusiness social enterprise currently operating in Kigali. They buy fresh groceries from local producers; clean, package and timely delivery to subscribed customers.

Founder, Agrofresh Ltd

Agrofresh fruits Enterprise helps parents in the rural community overcome malnutrition, by increasing the production of fruits and vegetables.

Co-Founder and CEO at Rural Girls Society

Rural Girls Society is a community-based enterprise with a primary objective of empowering rural girls. It promotes income generation and self-employment capacity for disadvantaged girls and women by providing them with vocational skills, small loans and knowledge that they can use in their communities.

Founder and CEO at Yamma Ltd

An agribusiness social enterprise that aims at using coffee as a tool to support vulnerable children to have access to education. It deals with coffee cupping and export to earn the percentage of income that goes back to the community to support vulnerable children.

Founder & CEO at Goal Farm 2019

Goal Firm focuses on educating and coaching rural farmers to increase productivity, we also provide suitable seedlings and seeds to farmers.

Founder and CEO at Umutoni Poutry Farm

An Agribusiness enterprise aiming at  reducing malnutrition to 25%  by giving 10% of  monthly profit to concerned families, and selling eggs, chicken for meat and fertilizers(chicken manures) to potential customers at affordable prices.

Co-founder and CEO at Umwizero

A  community-based empowerment enterprise that trains the youth on sewing and selling T-shirts, and other fashion works.

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