1. Educate for Rwanda

In Rwanda, just like in any other developing country, there are children who are so promising and high performing, yet their families lack means to afford high school fees. In addition to financial constraints, such children also lack motivation and life coaching and are at a very high risk of suspending or dropping out of school. At best, they can […]

2. Kigali social entrepreneurship Academy

Rwanda just like many other sub-Saharan African countries is faced with a huge challenge of a rising youth unemployment. The Government urges the private sector and other development partners including NGOs and civil society organisations to engage in initiatives that will drive job creation. Kigali social entrepreneurship academy is AOG’s programm […]

3. Grateful people’s investment (GPI)

Despite an impressive financial sector performance over the last five years that boosted financial inclusion in Rwanda, a significant number of people, particularly poor micro entrepreneurs still find it extremely hard to access capital. Similarly, young people with brilliant ideas struggle to raise start up capital to kick start micro business pro […]

4. Umusingi community services ( UCS)

At AOG, we believe that ‘’everyone can help’’ through community services, we are committed to reaching out to those in need with food and clothes but most crucially with Love. That Dress you are not wearing could fit somebody else; that bread loaf could feed a hungry person instead of being thrown into a bin. Through Umusingi community services, w […]