Everyone can help!



Below are the reasons why such an organization was needed:

Many people say they want to help others in need but only a few take action. And for those who take action, it doesn’t last since it is most of the time personal instead of institutional. AOG strives to serve as a channel for whoever feels interested in giving back to the community.

A big number of people helped versus a seemingly not decreasing number of people who are still in need: for instance, in Rwanda, a number of people were helped by CARITAS, FARG, MINALOC, COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL, GENERATION RWANDA, etc to access education. These organizations still have needy people on waiting lists as their budget did not grow and/or the problem did not shrink at all. We think this has occurred because people who were helped disappeared afterwards instead of joining hands with these organizations. Also shamefully, some of those helped people and/or their offsprings prefer remaining considered vulnerable which increases the number of needy folks. We believe that if organizations had invested more in growing the giving back culture, today the problem would have been completely solved or was close to its end. Today is the right time to act. 

Some people got excuses such as we don’t have time (adults say) or no money (youth say). It looks like for some people helping and being helped are two different innate characteristics. These behaviors, mindsets, and beliefs make the world divided into two distinct, constant parts: the half of donors and the other of receivers. Therefore, for some people to ease their lives, they will come up with excuses such as we do not have money or we lack time to do good. This is shame and unacceptable. Everyone can help! 

The problem is beyond our capacity. For pessimistic people, there is nothing that should be done to end the problem. They think investing in it is a waste since many people before us failed and we are not special. Sadly, they forget that the weight of the problem and that others’ failures should not prevent us from doing our best. Because our background does not determine our destiny.





Everyone can help!