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Our team

AOG Team



1. Board Of Directors 

A. Mr. Jean d'Amour Mutoni, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

B. Mrs. Patricie Uwase Mavubi, the Chief Programs Officer (CPO)

C. Mr. Alphonse Rugigana, the Chief Operations Officer (COO)

D. Miss Yvette Umugabekazi, the Chief Documentation Officer (CDO)

E. Mr. Alphonse Karangwa, the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO)

F. Mrs. Isabelle Kayiyesi, the Chief Membership Officer (CMO)

G. Mr. Didier Eduine Habyarimana, the Chief Visibility Officer (CFO)

H. Mr. Olivier Ndizeye, the Chief Morale and Discipline Officer (CMDO)

J. Mr. Eric Habinshuti, the Chief Fundraising Officer (CFO)


2. Cell Coordinators 

A. Mr. SHYAKA Regis, the Cell Coordinator, Cell 1

B. Miss Yvette UMUGABEKAZI, the Deputy Cell Coordinator, Cell 1


A. Mr. Jackson VUGAYABAGABO, the Cell Coordinator, Cell 2

B. Mr. Didier Edouine HABYARIMANA, the Deputy Cell Coordinator, Cell 2


A. Mr. KAMANZI Daniel, the Cell Coordinator, Cell 3

B. Miss TUYISENGE Marie Josee, the Deputy Cell Coordinator, Cell 3


A. Miss Thabita NYIRANEZA, the Cell Coordinator, Cell 4

B. Mrs. Isabelle KAYITESI, the Deputy Cell Coordinator, Cell 4


A. Mr. Brave Kamanzi Berabose, the Cell Coordinator, Cell 5

B. Miss. Domitille Akeza, the Deputy Cell Coordinator, Cell 5


A. Mr. Clement Bizimana, the Cell Coordinator, Cell 6

B. Mr. Theo Gakwaya, the Deputy Cell Coordinator, Cell 6


3. Executive Team 

A.    Mr. Jean Claude BAYISENGA, Executive Secretary

B.    Miss Joyeuse MANISHIMWE, Accountant Secretary




A.  Mr. Placide Mushongore, the Head Commissioner

B.  Mrs.  Angelique Uwimana, the First Deputy Head Commissioner

C.  Mr. Christophe Ntabareshya, the Second Deputy Head Commissioner




A.  Mr. Clement Bizimana, the Head Auditor

B.  Miss  Josiane Isingizwe, the First Deputy Head Auditor 

C.  Mr. Fred Nkubito, the Second Deputy Head Auditor


Everyone can help!