Everyone can help!



How to apply for help through different AOG projects:


1. Educate for Rwanda High School Scholarships

1.1. Who is eligible:

-  Vulnerable students (must have a certificate issued by local government officials)

-  Second level (year 4, 5 and 6) high school students

-  Well behaved and talented

-  Bright students are preferred

1.2. Interested students will:

- Find application forms from our office or online

- send back their complete application forms to AOG office or online

- Shortlisted candidates will go through written exams and interviews

- Successful candidates will be visited in their respective homes

- Confirmed potential fellows will finally be oriented


2. Jyana Urumuli Credit (eligibility criteria and how to apply will be posted soon ...)

3. Mituweli Miliyoni (eligibility criteria and how to apply will be posted soon ...)






Everyone can help!