Everyone can help!



What's: an AOG fellow, an AOG a member, an AOG donor, etc


Fellow: any person who signs his/her AOG fellow commitment form to join AOG community

iFellow: an interested fellow is stage one for anyone who joins AOG and signs his commitment form. This is determined by AOG monthly evaluation.

aFellow: an active fellow is stage two. The name is given to the one who attends almost all AOG events and donates. Continuity is highly appreciated. This is determined by AOG monthly evaluation.

pFellow (potential fellow): any vulnerable person we help. They have full potential to help others in need now and in the future. And we believe that they will remain engaged in the AOG community for life.

Note: AOG conducts a monthly fellow evaluation in order to declare who iFellows (below 70%) and aFellows (70% and beyond) are among all fellows. Two mandatory criteria are considered: events’ participation and monthly contributions/donations. Furthermore, fellows will also evaluate themselves vis-a-vis the other two optional criteria: communication, and innovation and creativity.

AOG member: any person who has been aFellow at least 13 times, then requested, and was granted the AOG membership by the general assembly meeting of members.

AOG adviser: anyone who simply is a member of the AOG Board of Advisers.

AOG donor: a donor is anyone who simply gives ideas, materials or deposits money into AOG account after he/she has or not signed the AOG donor commitment form.

AOG volunteer: anyone who works full time or part time for AOG without necessarilly being paid a salary. However, some facilitation can or not be provided. They must sign an AOG volunteer commitment form.

AOG employee: anyone who works full time or part time for AOG with a condition that a certain salary is paid to them.

AOG partner: a nonprofit organization or public institution that has a mission similar to AOG’s and decided to partner with us is called “PARTNER ORGANIZATION”. A business campany that decides to patner with us is called “CORPORATE PARTNER”.






Everyone can help!