Everyone can help!



Support Us Now

1. Financial donations: you can donate money to AOG by depositing into one of our bank accounts

408368254011 _ BPR Main Branch
4002200393939_EQUITY Main Branch
00040063548823_BK Main Branch
0070083811666501_ECOBANK Main Branch

The above accounts are all named: ‘Acts Of Gratitude (AOG)’

You can also choose a specific need to sponsor in the table below:

Average amount in Rwf ($)


300 ($0.5)

Designing, printing and sending a card of gratitude like this

1 000 ($1.5)

One meal for one patient

3 000 ($4.5)

One health insurance card for a destitute person

5000 ($7.5)

One holiday training or tutoring session/ 1 student

10 000 ($15)

One school or home visit/1 student

43 000 ($64)

School materials/1 trimester/1 student

70 000 ($103)

School fees/1 trimester/1 student

115 000 ($170)

Funding for one business project of a vulnerable person

129 000 ($190)

School materials/1 year/1 student

210 000 ($309)

School fees/1 year/1 student

300 000 ($385)

AOG offices rent/ 1 month

2. In kind donations: you can also donate things like office materials, food for patients, clothes for the poor, etc or contribute your time and talents to our programs.


Collecting clothes from homes for vulnerable people

Visiting and taking meals to patients

Offering a training session, a talk, ...

Be a volunteer in the AOG office

Be an advisor or a mentor for an AOG-supported student

Donate office furniture

Organize a fundraiser for AOG

3. Advocate: please help advocate our cause (the giving back culture) among you relatives, friends and acquaintances.

4. Volunteer: AOG has got enough work for whoever desires to help: from doing office work to taking food to patients, to raising donations for health insurance cards, to distributing clothes among vulnerable people, to delivering trainings, ...

5. Join us: we expect everyone concerned and interested in our mission to join us as our motto (everyone can help!) expresses it. Doors are open wide. If interested, contacts us through e-mails or phone numbers given here.

6. Share your story of gratitude: we encourage people to share their stories of gratitude for they help people understand better the essence of thanking and recognize those who help us in life. If you have a story, please share it. We help you spread that good news.

7. Join our social networks: we highly apprecaite you comments and ideas. And one of the easiest ways to share is through social media networks. Here are direct links to those we subscribed to: https://www.facebook.com/actsofgratitude.org?ref=hl; https://twitter.com/actsofgratitude.  

8. Sign up for our updates: You may Contact Us for us to share all AOG updates with you via e-mail.




Everyone can help!